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Awake and Dreaming - Paul Sills mCode-34
Set your creative thoughts free. Allow yourself to escape. Be awake and dream. ....More
Clouds - Kevin Kendle mCode-35
Listening to Kevin Kendle's beautiful musical interpretations of cloud formations is a relaxing and therapeutic as actually lying in the sun-drenched meadow watching the clouds drift by. Kevin is a master of the keyboard to almost magical effect - guitars, saxophone, strings, voices, flutes and many ....More
Colours - Ayumi Hamasaki mCode-37
2014 CD from beautiful Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki ....More
In a New Light - Patrick Kelly mCode-38
Majestic and perhaps his most inspired music to date. Patrick has created a sublime masterpiece. It is beautiful, soaring, dynamic, and so very soulful. A journey from start to finish that never disappoints. Instruments range from Harp to keyboards. It is both gentle and inspirational lifting your h ....More
Relaxing Orient - Wayne Jones mCode-36
The gorgeous, haunting music of Wayne Jones ....More
_Genic - Namie Amuro mCode-39
2015 release from Japan`s amazing Namie Amuro. ....More
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